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Bring money into the house at midnight; leave food at a crossroads; anything you do the first minute of the New Year will be sure to repeat for the rest of 2017.Such little traditions can be found anywhere, and can offer local color to any campaign. Likewise, a campaign can take a simple superstition and build a plotline around it. So spit in your hat, walk around it three times, and make a wish…

Or the boogeyman might get you.

Here are this month’s releases.


Avalon Models, Telnik Fleet Fleet
AVG 4700-ST-11

A collection of Telnik-based starships models for any tabletop game system.  Easy to print, easy to fold and play, these models are a great addition to any game.

Look for other great models in this series.


Arcana Journal #92
15 Pages

The true wonders of Arcana are explored in the monthly journals. Each issue focuses on a hex or faction within the game world, offering rumors, hidden lore, and detailed descriptions of all the important sites and people. Full-color maps (also offered in print-easy black and white) are provided, plus all sites of worthwhile note, such as towns and major adventure sites. Floor plans of castles and other locations are also offered.

In addition to this detailed write-up, each issue will also focus on other aspects of the game world, its history, important people, the Magi and gaming classes. When you add it all up, these journals take the mundane and make it magical. It is through the journals that the Arcana game world will grow, expand, and become a living place of adventure.

This issue of the Journal will cover the following aspects of the game world.

  • Songs of the North
  • House Swords
  • Nobles of the North


Avalon Clip Art, Filler Art #1
AVG 1697
9 Pages

Over the years, Avalon Games has collected a ton of artwork for use in various games. Well, we got to thinking, why couldn’t you use this great art in your products? So, here it is, Avalon Clip Art! Each set within this series offers you a ton of great art and for a great price. Each product focuses on a set genre or character type and provides you with great filler art and character art for your gaming products.

Look for new sets to come out all the time, as we have thousands of pictures to offer, so have fun…

Usage Requirements/Limitations:

You may reduce, re-color, or crop any image included here. You may not resell these images in clip art packets or art collections.

If you use any of these images, in your product, you must include the statement:

“Some artwork copyrighted by Avalon Games, used with permission.”

By purchasing this product you agree to these terms.

All work has been scanned at 300 DPI.

Why re-invent the wheel when Avalon Games has already done all the hard work?


Avalon Covers 24

Need a great bit of art for a cover, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for it? We have collected over the many years a ton of great art for use as covers.  We are happy to now offer these images for your use, and at a great price.

Usage Requirements/Limitations:

You may reduce, re-color, or crop any image or included here.  You may not resell these images or in clip art packets or art collections.

If you use this image, in your product, you must include the statement:

“Some artwork copyrighted by Avalon Games

Art by Wayne Peters”

By purchasing this product you agree to these terms.

Why re-invent the wheel when Avalon Games has already done all the hard work?


Counter Wars, Temple of Light, Avalon Mini-Game #188
5 Pages

Add some goodness to your game with this new faction for Counter Wars.


Heroes Wear Masks Character Book #5, Teen Heroes
34 Pages
Jennifer Povey

Avalon has new heroes and bad guys for your HWM games.  Ten, count them, TEN new character to add to the excitement of your favorite superhero system.  This time around, we have ten young heroes and super-villains, all filled with teen angst and teen power.

The book also comes with a full-color figure flat of each character and a full-color image to show off to the players.

Inside you will find…

  • Fire Girl, a psychopath that can burn you.
  • Radar, a young lass that always wanted to be a superhero and has the gadgets to make it work.
  • Striker, a trained assassin with a need to change his life for the better.
  • Cybernaut, a cyborg hero.
  • Tritonia, a mermaid with a heart of gold.
  • Flip, a girl that can get the job done and a hero to boot.
  • Titan, a young strapping man that packs a punch and a great hero in the making.
  • Disc, an alien hero.
  • Orb, the twin brother to Disc.
  • Blind, a good-looking blind psychic.


One Knight Games, Vol 3, Issue 16, the Final Road
20 Pages
J. Keening

The Final Road: The long and terrible journey has been for naught. Poisoned by the diseases of the Wastelands, the illusion of finding a paradise fading like a mirage before their eyes, all those who come this far find only regret. …Yet, there may actually be a paradise out here. There is one last road still left to walk. However, the Wastelands have long kept a secret hidden, and that secret lies in wait here, blocking anyone from taking that final road.


Avalon Haunts #9
5 Pages
By Maria Smolina

Need something a bit scary for your game? Here’s Avalon Haunts! Each issue brings you a unique, fun, and creepy haunt to spice up your games. Drop the team just about anywhere, or build a whole game around the haunt! You will find them easy to use, fun to play, and having your games become creeping with scary fun.

This month we have another haunting tale to scare and thrill your players with.


Avalon Characters, Five Fighters
5 Pages
By Maria Smolina

Need a great NPC to give your game some thrills and fun? Here is yet another great Pathfinder-based product.  Avalon is happy to offer you five great NPCs.  Each issue will come with a selection of five characters that you can introduce to your game. Need a villain? Well, we got them. Need a love interest or rival? Yep, them too.

Join the fun and have a seat at the round table of entertainment with Avalon Games.


IF Threats, Looper
AVG 3100-2.0- LP
34 Pages
J. Kenning

Looper is a ring world found out on the Fringe.  Inside you will find all the details of the fantastic creatures and dangers that wait explorers of this strange new world.

As a special bonus with this new series of IF Threats, This Infinite Creatures series comes with their own unique Fringe world (thus allowing for a wider range of environments than are currently cataloged in the populated worlds of the Fringe.)  Of course, this in no way means these creatures must be used with this new world—they do not even need to be used in the Fringe setting. This new Origin World is, instead, intended to be a way of introducing strange and otherworldly sci-fi creatures into a campaign within their own unique world with as little need for work from the Gamemaster to make that happen. These oddities come with a world ready made to receive them, a world that can be plopped down ready-made into any Infinite Futures or other science fiction campaign.


Scorched Earth
AVG 5800
132 Pages
Jeff Gomez

Scorched Earth is an adventure roleplaying game inspired by Mad Max, Fallout, and a long line of gritty post-apocalyptic fiction. This is a game of survival and chaos, a world where society has broken down and life is a struggle. Post-apocalyptic America is rife with madness and death, radiation and sickness, famine and war. The players take on the roles of survivors or adventurers, those seeking to plunder their enemies, right great wrongs, rebuild the world, or simply live until the next day.

In addition to new classes, races, items, and rules, Scorched Earth introduces vehicles as a major fixture of gameplay. Seamlessly blend gunplay and explosions with high-stakes car chases and collisions. In the wasteland, a good motor can be just as valuable as a reliable weapon.

Scorched Earth uses the Pathfinder rules system and requires the Pathfinder Core Rulebook to play. The information provided in this book exists to give players the tools they need to create characters who survive in post-apocalyptic America.

Also available is the Scorched Earth campaign setting, American Wastelands which contains information on the settlements and gangs of post-Apocalyptic America, as well as new creatures and dozens of NPC stat blocks. It also provides adventure seeds and other great goodies for your game.

Join the adventure of the wild roads of Scorched Earth.

Scorched Earth, American Wastelands
AVG 5801
80 Pages
Jeff Gomez

Welcome to the New America!

This is a land of death and strife, starvation and chaos. Murderers roam free, unfettered by moral or legal consequences. Radioactive monsters consume the unprepared and innocent. Insane scavengers protect glowing specks of land with unwarranted violence.

The few beacons of stability are nearly as bad. In the east, a madman drugs the water supply and sacrifices children for his entertainment. In the south, extreme religious fanaticism grips a monolith from the past. In the west, a deadly car race determines superiority over kin. And scattered all across this great wasteland are pockets of survivors and raiders, scavengers and soldiers, individuals and families on the brink of destruction.

The Scorched Earth Campaign Setting serves as a campaign setting, bestiary, and NPC codex.

These tools, in conjunction with the rules found in the Scorched Earth Core rulebook provide the setting, enemies, and rules needed to run a full Scorched Earth game.

Welcome to the American Wasteland. Welcome to the Scorched Earth.

Scorched Earth, Warriors of Scorched Earth
AVG 5802
22 Pages
Jeff Gomez

Inside you will find seven iconic characters usable in Avalon Games Scorched Earth setting.  Each is a full character ready to play or use as an NPC, so strap on your guns, hit the road, and take what little you can before the Scorched Earth takes your life.


Avalon Hazards #1
7 Pages
Maria Smolina

Need to add a bit of a challenge to your games? Well Avalon is here to help out.  This series of hazards for the Pathfinder game system will offer your players a brief bit of fun and excitement, a challenge that they will have to face and overcome.

Bring your players to their knees and add some fun to your game with Avalon Hazards.


Avalon Lairs, The Shining King of the Sewers
17 Pages
Maria Smolina

Need a side adventure to fill out your game, or something to get things going?  You find you are hard-pressed to come up with a fun adventure or location for your group this week?  Well, Avalon Games always has your back.

Avalon Lairs offers s short Pathfinder adventure for you to run your players through.  Featuring a lair of some type of creature, each issue of the series will offer a fully realized adventure with encounters, locations, and maps as needed.  Nothing grand or detailed, the adventure is easy use, simple in their design, and fast to play.

Let Avalon do all the work for you so you can have more fun running the game.  Avalon Lairs is the place to find just that help.

The Lair of the Shining King of the Sewers offers a Were-rat lair in dank sewers. Seek out adventure and defeat the King of the Sewers before he drags you down.


Avalon Newsletter, Vol 2, Issue #1, January 2017
6 Pages

Welcome to Avalon Game’s Newsletter.  This month we have some Sci-Fi-based goodies for you with the release of new Infinite Future fun in addition to an adventure from Kung Fu Kuma; of course, new Pathfinder goodies abound. Included are new art sets and other great gaming accessories for you to enjoy.

Join the best fans in the world and play a game by Avalon.


May your New Year be full of gaming,

Jen Sadler
Promotional Manager for Avalon Games

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