Before the Flood – Brand New Achtung! Cthulhu adventure Releases!

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Today we’re really pleased to release Before the Flood, the fourth book in John Houlihan’s acclaimed Seraph Chronicles series, which charts the adventures of the mysterious Mister Seraph: seer, sorcerer, witchman and implacable opponent of dread Cthulhu and his minions down the ages.
Before the Flood is available in PDF from and DriveThruRPG, as well as on Kindle and print versions on Amazon UK and Amazon US.
Sci-Fi and Fantasy reviewer awarded Before the Flood five stars and said: “A  a well-written and well-paced tale, some brilliant action set-pieces and a well-developed post-apocalyptic Britain that begs to be explored in more detail. Pick up Before The Flood and devour it, then go onto the rest of the Seraph Chronicles. You’ll be in for a hell of a ride!”
Before the Flood is the first full-length standalone novel featuring Major Seraph, and sees the White Witchman transported into a post-apocalyptic future to confront a grave new threat to humanity in a flooded Britain.
Here’s a detailed summary:
The year is 2034 and Britain is a drowning isle, after a cataclysmic wave destroyed her cities, killing millions, raising the sea level by 60 metres and changing the landscape forever. The Flood has brought Albion to her knees and now the Devils, a race of malevolent sea creatures, also known as the Dagons or Deep Ones, haunt her coasts as the survivors retreat inland, struggling for their very existence. Mankind learns to fear the sea and avoid the water.
When a mysterious island surfaces off the coast of Wales, a small team of British militia under the command of the war-weary veteran, Sergeant Emma Stokes, is dispatched to investigate this new threat. But a chance meeting with the mysterious Major Seraph takes them on a dangerous odyssey through this drowned world, to the hidden fortress-city of Gwaelod, which seems to offer new hope in the battle against the creatures.
Yet as humanity clutches on by its fingertips, who are the real enemies in this deadly flooded world?
Author John Houlihan says: “I’m delighted to finally get Before the Flood into readers’ hands. It represents a brand new direction for Seraph and I’m looking forward to hearing what readers think of his new adventure, which weaves sci-fi, horror and transhuman themes into a gripping post-apocalyptic setting.”


You can buy the rest of the Seraph Chronicles in PDF form on or see John Houlihan’s author page on Amazon and check out his personal website where a sample extract will be posted by tomorrow.
Reaction to the Seraph Saga
“An evocative tale of blood, bullets and ice” David J Rodger – The Trellborg Monstrosities
“Anyone who loves a good war or horror story should pick these up.” 4/5 Serena Nelson – Good
“I really liked The Trellborg Monstrosities and I encourage you to pick it up.” 4.5/5 Nerds Domain
“Great story, interesting characters, lots of sword and musket action, and the potential for future stories in an underutilised setting.” The Crystal Void
We hope you enjoy this latest entry from the Modiphius Fiction line and look out for more great releases appearing soon.
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