Swashbuckling Adventures and a Black Friday Sale

mte-uadg-renaissance-france-swMystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our latest Ultimate Guides sourcebook for Savage Worlds – Ultimate Age of Discovery Guide: Renaissance France! Written by historian Michael J. LaMonica, it covers the Renaissance period of France filled with swashbuckling musketeers, religious turmoil, tumultuous nobility, and civil warfare! The PDF is available now and the Print-on-Demand color paperback will be available in early December.

Additionally, Mystical Throne Entertainment is participating in DriveThruRPG / RPGNow’s Black Friday sale, with a twist. While all participating products are 15% off (i.e. selected titles), all non-participating products are 40% off! Don’t follow the Black Friday links for 40% off, go directly to our publisher’s page (you’ll find both discounts there, of course):


Ultimate Age of Discovery Guide: Renaissance France (Savage Worlds) [PDF: $5 | POD: $8.99 (Coming Soon) | POD/PDF: $9.99 (Coming Soon)]


The world of Renaissance France spans from around the turn of the century in 1500 to the beginning of Louis XIV’s personal reign in the mid-1660s. While this covers only a little more than 150 years, the changes that occurred during this period were immense.

Ultimate Age of Discovery Guide: Renaissance France is a sourcebook for Savage Worlds that delves into France during the Renaissance period. This less than two century span was filled with religious turmoil, rebellion, persecution, tumultuous nobility, blackpowder weapons, and of course the great swashbuckling musketeers!

Ultimate Age of Discovery Guide: Renaissance France includes:

  • A brief history of Renaissance France.
  • A look at the different areas of France during the Renaissance.
  • The many military divisions of the Maison du Roi.
  • The King’s Musketeers.
  • New Edges, Hindrances, and Equipment.
  • Non-player Characters
  • A collection of adventure frames.
  • … and more!

Ultimate Age of Discovery Guide: Renaissance France can lay the groudwork for a historical or alternate history adventure set within Renaissance France. It can also be used as a guide for creating swashbuckling characters within fantasy or historical games.

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