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pwpw-wargame-matClassic’s Pwork bestesellers!

We want to present the entire range of our gaming mats: Pwork Wargame Mats

The Wargame Mats are gaming mats printed on high quality PVC material. They are light-weight and easy to trasport, easy to store when unused, resistant and durable. They don’t have texturized surfaces, with their high-quality print they will turn for the better the atmosphere and the aesthetics of your battles.

Pwork Wargame Mats are also printed on synthetic cloth-wave. This printing option gives the possibility to have a ultra-weight mat, that you can store and iron as a t-shirt or a table cloth.

A Pwork Wargame Mat is the best solution to play no more on a tablecloth, on a wooden board, on the home floor or on an unpainted game surface.

The effect of the high-quality printing, the strength of the PVC material and the wonderful graphics will amaze you, as weel as the ease with which you can roll the Wargame Mat up and store It in the shipping cardboard tube. It’s practical, It takes up little space, It’s ideal for players who want a wonderful and great-looking setting where play their favourite wargames.

Pwork Wargame Mats are also available printed on synthetic cloth. Ultra-light and easy to store (you can bend It like a tablecloth without risking to ruin It), It’is printed on a cloth-weave, durable and resistant to washing (can be machine-washed and ironed with an iron steam). Characterized by brilliance, definition and compactness of colors, It’s the ideal solution for those who prefer for their battles a lightweight Wargame Mat, everywhere trasportable and at the same time with an high level graphic.


A Wargame Mat when It’s shipped is rolled up inside a pressed cardboard shipping tube.
Unroll It up and spread It on a smooth surface: if the mat should have small creases or It not lays perfectly roll It up conversely, with the printed surface on the top (you have to store It inside the cardboard tube in this way to store It in the best way).

PVC is an elastic material: this feature allow you, for example with rolling the mat up conversely, to solve the problem of the not perfect adherence of the mat to the surface where It’s spreaded and to prevent its “natural rolling up”. In case of creases, fold the affected area gently on the opposite side, until the mat surface will be plain and homogeneous.

The Wargame Mats adhere to the surface where they are spreaded without sliding, they give the right grip to the miniatures and the sceneries placed on their surface (while still allowing them to move in case of movements) and they deaden the dices noise. You can easy clean the most of the spots on their surface with a damp cloth and a normal soap.


Fantastic new release from Pwork Wargames! Finally Pwork Wargames Mats will be available in mousepad material!
The perfect choice for a premium gaming table!

The Mousepad Wargame Mats are made in a new, fantastic material. A mousepad mat is made from a synthetic cloth with a 2mm thick rubber backing, a special material that allows the mat to lay perfectly and instantly since the first time you unroll It. This material also makes the painted mat surface soft to the touch and silent when you roll the dices, and the backing surface non-slippery thanks to the rubbered-material grip.

The graphic paint of Mousepad Wargame Mats is soaked into the material, so It will never scratch or fade off, allowing you to play innumerable battles without ruining or damaging the painted surface.

As accessory of the Mousepad Wargame Mats, the synthetic cloth shoulder bag is an ideal way to transport and store the gaming mat.

It’s resistant, practical and lightweight, It allows you to bring your favourite mat with you for every battle you will play!

Pwork Wargame Mats are available in size 4×6’ (122x183cm), 4×4’ (122x122cm), 3×3’ (92x92cm), 3×6′ (92x183cm).
Check also the new game format in 15mm scale!

Check It on Pwork website, click here!

Take a look to the other products and to all the new releases on Pwork website, updates are continuos and constant: find out our other products for roleplaying games, such as Tiles Sets, Sceneries (new fantastic release, the MDF Sceneries!) and RPG Supplies! Check also the other fantastic Pwork Wargame Mats!

Take also a look to these amazing video reviews of Pwork Wargame Mats!
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– CLOTH Dark London 4×4′ (thanks to Shaun Moran of OrcPainterNerd)
– PVC Arid Plain 4×6′ (thanks to Wolvermonkey of Monkey Babble)

Thank you and never stop playing!

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