WOMEN OF DARBY POP releases September 28, 2016

WOMEN OF DARBY POP releases September 28, 2016
— The fairer sex takes center stage in female-centric anthology of contest-winning stories and art —

women-of-darby-pop-coverLos Angeles, CA (September 20, 2016) – WOMEN OF DARBY POP #1, a double-size floppy, releases from Darby Pop Publishing and Magnetic Press on September 28th. The female-centric anthology was created by the winning writers and artists of Darby Pop Publishing’s second “Breaking into Comics” contest.

The WOMEN OF DARBY POP #1 is a unique collection of short stories that introduces readers to a wellspring of new talent while simultaneously shining a spotlight on female characters from nearly every book Darby Pop has published to date including Indestructible, The 7th Sword, Dead Squad, Side-Kicked, Dead Man’s Party, and Fake Empire.

  • “Work-Life-Balance” written by Mark Weller, art by Tony Donley (Atalanta from Side-Kicked)
  • “Past Due” written by Adam Breen, art by Elvis Gonzales (Cynara Veil from Dead Man’s Party)
  • “Freetown” written by Adrian Reynolds, art by Danny Flores (Mary from The 7th Sword)
  • “The Fairy Queen” written by Forrest C. Helvie, art by Nikkol Jelenic (Titania from Fake Empire)
  • “Clinical Trials” written by Austin Bridges, art by Christopher Sisneros (Dr. Nash from Dead Squad)
  • “First Time” written by Jeff Burns, art by Brent Hibbard (Atalanta from Side-Kicked)
  • “Ride Along” written by Matthew Cody, art by Kenya Washington (Lucy from Fake Empire)
  • “Youth is Wasted” written by Michael Thompson, art by Danny Flores (Ayala Tal from Dead Squad)
  • “Life’s Beauty” written by Richard Casey, art by Lee Bokma (Superfecta 5 from The 7th Sword)
  • “My Sister’s Keeper” written by Andre Mateus, art by Kate Davis (Charli from Fake Empire)
  • “Looking for Redemption with Blind Eyes” written by Brett Harris, art by Pedro Moreo
  • Letters by Troy Peteri (Stingray from Indestructible)

Here’s a sampling of brief synopses from 4 of the 11 stories featured in WOMEN OF DARBY POP #1:

  • “Past Due” — When a client refuses to pay assassin Cynara Veil her agreed-upon fee, she “gently” shows him the error of his ways.
  • “The Fairy Queen” — Tasked with finding King Oberon a worthy queen, Ariel seeks out Gloriana — a powerful and dangerous fairy of the woods — and finds she’s in for the ride of her life.
  • “Clinical Trials” — Before the success of the Dead Squad…there were, of course, multiple failures. To wit: when one of Dr. Nash’s prototype serums “malfunctions,” the good doctor is forced to rely on more than science to save her hide.
  • “Ride Along” — It’s not easy being the Tooth Fairy, and the job only gets tougher when her “black sheep” sister, Lucy, opts to tag along.

Jeff Kline, Darby Pop Publishing’s founder, explained: “For the second year in a row, we sent out the call to aspiring writers and — this time around — artists.  Hundreds participated.  And the overall level of professionalism was astounding.  Hopefully, Darby Pop Publishing has given just a few of the countless, passionate Creatives out there an opportunity to shine.”

The specially-priced WOMEN OF DARBY POP #1 will be available for purchase at comic book stores nationwide on September 28 for only $3.99. This Previews World “Certified Cool” publication can be ordered by retailers from Diamond Book Distributors with Diamond Code JUL161751.

About Darby Pop Publishing
Multiple Emmy Award-winning founder Jeff Kline started Darby Pop Publishing with the goal of using the visual medium of sequential art — aka comic books — to tell all-new stories. As a life-long lover of the form, Jeff convinced a small circle of his movie/TV friends to join him as he “broke into” comics after writing/producing more than 1000 episodes of television over the past two decades. Three years and 40+ books later, Darby Pop Publishing continues to be a creator-owned labor of love.

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