Demon Gate, the Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy RPG on Kickstarter

11174947_10155585959585602_1087845031174344377_nAltamonte Springs, Florida -This apocalyptic dark fantasy setting places the players in a savage, alien, medieval world with two suns and many surrounding planets that often affect the forces of nature in many strange ways. This world was once a prison planet for demons all left by the Void Gods, a powerful race that once inhabited the world but left it behind long ago. There are many mysteries of this world as the lore will show for it is meant to be unraveled during its exploration. All mortal races were brought to this world by the demons using the left over technology of these ancient “magical” gates that had been left behind by the advanced race. The demons enslaved all mortals from surrounding worlds and forced them to worship them as their new deities. Long after this the Thrall Wars came with the help of the nephilim, angels, and seraphim (the powerful angelic spirits of dragons) they were able to trap the demons in Tartarus, the prison of Hell. Baal, one of the six leaders of these devil lords vowed vengeance and swore to return.

After hundreds of years of peace the legends became myth. The signs of the coming apocalypse have been foretold by the prophets. The Ever War will continue between light and dark. Not only do mortals fight for their survival, but the immortals wage war as well in the Outworlds. Players quest to become legendary heroes or villains, immortals as well, and explore this massive world while delving into vast ruins to find ancient alien tech or magical artifacts of races long forgotten in time. They battle demons that are being set free upon the world by fanatical cults and old terrors that have been locked away for many years. Heroes and villains may team up to try to close all of the many soul gates to hopefully change the prophecy and stop the end of their world.

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Brandon Williams is the creator of the Arcanum Syndicate and also developed the Chaos 6010 A.D. cyberpunk role playing game. He has had nearly 25 years in tabletop RPG experience and continues to love the hobby and respects all other designers and talent within the industry. He hopes to create more enjoyable projects for players around the world. He also hopes to expand in the business and to find other new talent that love making RPGs as well. He lives in Altamonte Springs, Florida in the United States with his wife and three children.

Brandon Williams

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