Kickstarter to Open up Goblin Territory

New Savage Worlds Kickstarter launched Sunday

Rebel Minis, publishers of the many RPGs and miniature wargames already have launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance their new latest RPG setting. Dark Hold: Goblin Adventures is a traditional fantasy setting but with a twist.

Players take on the role of low level goblins living in the ruins of an ancient dwarf empire.  Newly discovered by the world at large they must balance protecting their own world against tomb robbing invaders and getting their hands on the really nice tuff these new races have brought with them.

The crowdfunding campaign is already in progress.

About the setting:

Dark Hold; Goblin Adventures is a Fantasy RPG setting for Savage Worlds in which players use Goblins as Player Characters!

About the Creators:

The creative team is headed by Andrew J Lucas who has contributed work to RPG publishers such as Green Ronin, FASA, Atlas Games as well as Rebel Minis and others.   He is best known for White Wolf’s Streetfighter: Player’s Guide and the Mekong Dominion Sourcebook for Dream Pod Nine.

Other Writers include

Ian “Lizard” Harac, Chris Huddleston, Andrew J Lucas, Kyle Morgan, Jennifer Povey, Josh Vogt, Jacob Wood

Savage Worlds editing and oversight is provided by Sarah Lyons for 3 sages games.

The Publisher Rebel Minis is best known for its sets of 15 and 28 mm miniatures.  In the past they have acquired the rights to Mighty Armies from Mongoose Publishing along with some of their figure molds.  They have also produced their own skirmish scale rulesets such as Red Ops 5 and Six Gun Assassins as well as partnering with Two Hour Wargames on various projects.  Dark Hold is their first licensed product and the first utilizing the Savage Worlds rules.

Previous successful kickstarters from Rebel Minis are:

Dark Hold Goblin Adventurers

Red Ops 5: Asylum

Kickstarter Project:
Rebel Minis:

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