Kickstarter: The Ice Kingdoms August 1-30

pic3134695An early edition campaign setting for the lovers of old school games, The Ice Kingdoms is designed to be usable in multiple retroclone systems, including For Gold & Glory, OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, and more.

According to its chief designer, CS Barnhart, Ice Kingdoms is “a game setting that is sort of Robert E. Howard Sword and Sorcery meets Vikings.” It’s an ambitious project, with three books planned, and five adventure modules being actively worked on. This kickstarter will fund the publication of the first book and adventure modules.

The art has been a consistent priority in this project. The Ice Kingdoms does not rely on stock images and public domain content, but rather features original work by a cast of talented artists. I can imagine poring over these volumes like I did with those beloved old books as a kid. The project also features the talents of writer James M. War, who wrote some of those old books.

The Ice Kingdoms is now live on kickstarter, running from August 1-30.

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