Beyond the Firelight Open Beta Playtest Update

188182Although a few days late, the 7/29 Open Beta Playtest update for Beyond the Firelight and Little Heroes has been posted. Version 1.1 is now available for download in both titles, with the recently released scenarios added to the playtest packets. Here’s a look at the version 1.1 updates:

[1] Enhanced Personality Descriptors; now provide a reroll when used.
[2] Moved “For ease of reference…” under What is Beyond the Firelight.
[3] Added notations about Little Heroes in the playtest information.
[4] Added the Dullahan Scenario to the playtest packet.

The first update is a big one, thanks to some great playtest feedback. Descriptors now have a mechanical advantage in addition to being used for Narration.

Download your copies here:

Beyond the Firelight is a storytelling role-playing game (RPG) of historical horror. It gathers its influences from traditional folklore and the stories that kept the people from straying from the path or going out at night. It can be a game of investigation or a game of survival as you and your friends attempt to discover what lies beyond the firelight.

Beyond the Firelight is a collaborative storytelling game with no designated game master (you can call it GM-less or rotating GM). The players utilize a communal Dice Pool to resolve Challenges using a single d6 in the hopes of moving the storyline toward Success. However, once the dice run out, Failure ensues and the storyline continues in a different direction.

Beyond the Firelight is still in the development and polishing stages (there’s no artwork yet), starting with this free, public Open Beta Playtest. Those who participate in the playtest are treated to varying levels of rewards, similar to a Kickstarter campaign. The more you participate, the more you’re rewarded for your participation! These reward levels are spelled out in the playtest packet, so feel free to download it and give it a perusal.

This playtest packet is a set of quick-start rules designed to get you and your friends quickly into playing Beyond the Firelight. It includes two introductory Scenarios, Goody Eleanor and Dullahan, which a group can run through either with the included pregenerated Personalities or by creating your own Personalities. They both take place in Massachusetts in the 1690s during the colonial age of the New World.

Please note that the Open Beta playtest runs through August 31, 2016. The Quick-Start Rules should be released in September with the full core rulebook following shortly after that. The Quick-Start Rules will be available as Pay What You Want in PDF and Print-on-Demand.

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