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MTE-JD-Quick-Start-Guide-SWMystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the Judgment Day Quick Start Guide for both Savage Worlds and the Entropic Gaming System. Although Judgment Day provides gameplay across three eras (Crusades, Victorian era, and Modern), the Quick Start Guide focuses on the Victorian era including the six pregenerated characters and the included adventure. This book allows you to get quickly into a game of Judgment Day while those who already have the core setting guide get another adventure and a set of pregens that can be used as NPCs. The PDF is available now in Pay What You Want and the print-on-demand versions will be available in August.

Judgment Day: Quick Start Guide (Savage Worlds) [PDF: PWYW | POD: Coming Soon | POD/PDF: Coming Soon]

Judgment Day: Quick Start Guide (EGS) [PDF: PWYW | POD: Coming Soon | POD/PDF: Coming Soon]

 Inquisitor Steel stepped out of the Land Rover and onto the pavement. “You are blocking my passage,” he told the beast.
 The beast let out a guttural scream that shook the SUV.
 The demon was quite large. Both Inquisitor Steel and Andreson were slightly over six-feet tall, and this demon was at least two-feet taller than them. Inquisitor Steel grabbed his platinum scimitars, sheathing them immediately. Andreson, Wurth, and Mason exchanged their clips for platinum bullets. Frazier grabbed a pair of platinum knives.
 The five of them stepped in front of the Land Rover, forming a line between it and the demon.
 “Prepare to be my dinner humans!” the demon yelled out.
 “I’m not a human,” replied Inquisitor Steel. “I’m an inquisitor. And you, demon, have just made a big mistake.”

Welcome to the supernatural secrets of mankind. Within the pages of Judgment Day: Quick Start Guide you will find the tools necessary to combat the terrors that plague mankind during the Victorian era. Few are able to make this journey, and even fewer are able to stare down the faces of nightmares and do what an inquisitor needs to do. But with this manual, you shall have the tools you need and will hopefully prevail.

Judgment Day: Quick Start Guide includes:

  • Mechanics for creating supernatural-hunting characters in the Victorian era.
  • Mechanics for Weird Characters utilizing clockwork science.
  • Limited GM guidance for Judgment Day games and incorporating Shadowed Earth.
  • Six pregenerated characters.
  • An introductory adventure.
  • … and more!

Judgment Day is a fantasy horror setting for Savage Worlds. It is not a standalone setting and requires use of Savage Worlds core rulebook. For the full Judgment Day experience, look for the core setting guide and the Cryptozoology series of bestiaries.

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