Daring Entertainment Launches the Apocalypse Campaign Guide on Kickstarter

6c746d714c9eeeee47b5579ecf67d225_originalWant to bring the apocalypse to your Savage Worlds gaming? Not just any apocalypse, but your apocalypse?

Daring Entertainment is happy to bring you the Apocalypse Campaign Guide and Apocalypse Unleashed dual book Kickstarter!

The Apocalypse Campaign Guide is a toolkit rulebook for Savage Worlds. Inside the book is a complete breakdown of apocalypse styles and scope, character creation tips and example skill packages, and details on how to run an apocalypse.

The book also includes new Edges, Hindrances, and Genre Rules. It provides detailed rules for scavenging, creating post-apocalyptic items, and community building and management. Additional rules provide you with the tools to create everything from genetic mutations, customized post-apocalyptic threats and monsters, alien armadas, and even your own post-apocalyptic vehicles of destruction and starships.

The book also breaks down various apocalyptic sub-genres, such as: zombies, alien invasion, supernatural and horror, rise of the machines, an apocalypse amongst the stars, fantasy apocalypse, and more realistic styles such as EMP, nuclear, and severe weather.

Apocalypse Unleashed is the companion book, and takes several apocalypse types and provides a Setting Framework. Each Setting Framework gives GMs a setting overview for that type of apocalypse, and provides locations, NPCs, and story factors. You can run each framework right away, and expand on it as you go along. Each is designed to get your game started, but provides you with complete freedom to add your own material as your story unfolds.

Currently available for Backing, only at Kickstarter!  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2092114443/apocalypse-campaign-guide-savage-worlds

And don’t hesitate to join the ongoing discussions, both in the Kickstarter comments section and at the Savage Worlds Facebook group.

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