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Adventures in Middle-earth front cover550Cubicle 7 have announced Adventures in Middle-earth™, a brand new range of setting supplements for Middle-earth gaming using the OGL.

Cubicle 7 and Sophisticated Games achieved huge success and numerous awards with their The One Ring Middle-earth Roleplaying Game. Renowned for evocative rules and high production values, it is one of their most popular games.

Dominic McDowall, C7 CEO:
“When the OGL was announced for 5th Edition, we knew we had to embark on a new quest. We have so much incredible material for The One Ring, and have answered so many of the questions posed by how to make a superlative, highly playable game set in Middle-earth, that we want to share with an even wider audience.

So it was that Adventures in Middle-earth was born: 5th Edition OGL rules, Middle-earth setting. For the first time in roleplaying history these two greats are coming together, and we’re immensely proud to be the ones to do it.

The first release will be Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide, which will be available in print in the Autumn. As usual, the PDF will be available much sooner, and we’ll have some preview copies of the game to peruse at GenCon.”

Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide offers new races, classes, backgrounds and virtues, allowing you to create Middle-earth themed characters. It supplies new rules for Journeys, so much at the heart of Middle-earth stories. C7 add a system for tracking Corruption in the face of The Shadow, and introduce The Fellowship Phase, which gives players a chance to proactively describe what their characters are doing between adventures and build their story.  There are also rules for Audiences, facilitating encounters between the great and the good of Middle-earth and your characters.

What’s in the Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide?

  • 11 Middle-earth specific playable Cultures
  • 6 New and unique Classes
  • 13 New Backgrounds  custom-made for Middle-earth
  • Middle-earth appropriate arms and armour
  • Unique Journey rules
  • New rules for Corruption
  • New Audience rules
  • The Fellowship Phase
  • Middle-earth maps (as the end papers) for Players and Loremasters

Cubicle 7 will be giving more details on each of these sections in upcoming updates at their website:

The pre-order for the Player’s Book is now open here:

You can also pre-order it along with the Loremaster’s Guide here:

Dominic McDowall:
Adventures in Middle-earth is an exceptional release for us, and we’re changing the way we do things slightly for this initial pre-order. Normally we release the PDF when we put the pre-order live, and shortly after that the game goes off to print.  For Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide we need to get a handle on just how many we should print.  We suspect this will be a huge release for us, and we don’t want to under print.

We also want to be able to supply the PDFs in a measured, effective way. Some of our recent releases have been so popular, we’ve been rushed off our feet supplying PDFs by hand.

The pre-order for Adventures in Middle-earth will open, run for a month or so, and then the PDF will be released to everyone who has pre-ordered. The print version will follow quickly after.”

You can read more about Adventures in Middle-earth, including an FAQ, here:

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