[Third Eye Games] Empire’s Reign for The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Now Ruling Kickstarter

3EG-TNC-Empires-ReignThere are two sides to every story. In the Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition you played as warriors seeking to defeat the Izou Empire and bring an end to their tyrannical rule. In Empire’s Reign, you get to be the tyrants. Of course, “tyrant” is all a matter of perception.

This time, you’ll get to be part of the Izou Army. Instead of choosing a clan, pick from one of several Assignments including Engineer, Executioner, Silver Blade, Golden Lion and others. Get an inside look at the army and new insight into the Emperor’s mysterious resurrection. With Empire’s Reign you won’t just go behind enemy lines—you’ll be part of them.

In addition to funding this new sourcebook, Third Eye Games is raising funds for a second print run of The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition. Our first batch of 500 has nearly sold out, and we’d like to make more of these beautifully illustrated hardcover books available. If we exceed our funding goal, we’ll develop additional sourcebooks to add to the growing The Ninja Crusade game line.

Good fortune favors the bold. Don’t miss your opportunity to support Third Eye Games in our quest to expand The Ninja CrusadeVisit Kickstarter to pledge your allegiance to the Empire today.

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