Ponies go 5E with Dawn of the Fifth Age!

Ponies go 5E with Dawn of the Fifth Age!
5th_banner_final1The story of Everglow has been expanding since we first Kickstarted the original book three years ago. The campaign and its non-standard races have brought joy and adventure to gaming tables across the world and we are proud to have created a series of products that are loved by so many.
But now we want to bring even more pony goodness to the table! With the release of 5th edition rules we have had many requests to convert our products to the new rule set. And we love our fans so that’s exactly what we are trying to do! This project is all about converting the core books to fit another game system and adding fun new content for ponies to enjoy. In this case, the 5th edition of one of the oldest and most popular roleplaying games around, Dungeons & Dragons! You’ll get the same setting and stories you love now, converted to 5th edition, polished, and rebuilt from the ground up with class focuses, spells, and other exciting options made for Everglow.
We love working with our fans to make them a part of our creation process so we are giving backers the chance to leave an imprint on our world! You can be the pony (or griffon, or steelheart, or…) that invented a new spell, piece of magical equipment, feat, or other similar gear for stalwart adventures to arm themselves with.
One non-mechanical item that will change from the core book to this book is the characters. While such ponies would certainly still exist, several have classes and kits that just don’t appear in 5th edition, so a clean break for this edition of the book, featuring heroes built with this system in mind, seems the most prudent course to take. We are excited to rebuild our world and give it all the attention it deserves. We hope you will join us on our latest adventure in bringing ponies to Dungeons & Dragons.

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