Unity, a New Epic Fantasy Tabletop RPG


VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA July 12, 2016 – Zensara Studios has just launched its Kickstarter for Unity, a brand new tabletop RPG that focuses on spectacular storytelling and combo-based tactical combat.

Unity is set in an epic fantasy world that’s infused with a dash of arcane powered technology. The game takes place in a realm torn apart by the very same God that created it. His children, the four races of Unity, were punished for their hubris and then left for dead. Now they struggle to come together and unite against the grim horrors of a world on fire.

Mechanically, the game has been designed to blend narrative ease for telling great stories with a robust combat system that facilitates deep and engaging tactical battles. The game emphasizes teamwork and allows players to combine their abilities and develop powerful synergies to overcome challenging encounters. Narrative mechanics are in place to encourage players to paint cinematic scenes alongside the GM and also provide an avenue for deep character development. There are 4 distinct playable races and 9 evocative classes to choose from. Each class has been designed to have multiple upgrade paths and the potential for a variety of builds to accommodate different play styles.

Kickstarter will be used to fuel a print run, acquire the rest of the artwork and bring an editor on board. The end product will be a beautiful, 330+ page hardcover Core Rulebook that will contain everything you need to play as a GM and player:

  • Rules System
  • Complete Setting Guide
  • GM’s Guide
  • Foes to Fight

The Kickstarter will run from July 12th, 2016 to August 14th, 2016 and will offer a variety of Kickstarter-only rewards on top of the product itself. These range from exclusive starter adventures to opportunities for immortalizing your ideas into the final product in the form of magical items, characters/creature concepts, locations to discover, or gigantic fighting robots.

About Zensara Studios
Zensara Studios is an independent publishing shop owned and operated by Anson Tran. The company was born out of a deep passion for tabletop gaming and need for a creative outlet. Zensara Studios is driven by a philosophy that embraces the spirit of collaboration and its current product Unity has been constantly shaped by community feedback. It will continue this tradition as it heads towards its Kickstarter launch.

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