Attend Gen Con All Year ‘Round With New Syrinscape Gen Con SoundSet

From Thousands of Sound Samples Provided by Gen Con 2015 Attendees, New SoundSet App Brings the Best Four Days in Gaming Home and Unleashes the Official Roar of the Gen Con Dragon

41a0fd4a-2ed0-4bf5-aa21-ee5d5e29747bSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (June 29, 2016) – Syrinscape, creator of the award-winning apps that put the power of custom, movie-like sound effects, soundscapes, and music at the fingertips of the gamer and Gen Con LLC, producer of the largest hobby game convention in North America, announce today the release of the Syrinscape Gen Con SoundSet, a custom-made audio app so gamers everywhere can relive the Best Four Days in Gaming year ‘round.

The Syrinscape Gen Con SoundSet transports attendees to the crowds and stalls of the legendary Gen Con Exhibit Hall, regales with cosplayers and character stories and unleashes a massive monster attack on the convention. Further, the new SoundSet includes the mighty roar of the official Gen Con dragon courtesy of 2015 attendee Simon Cantwell, whose humungous and terrifying vocals won out over many others who auditioned for this historic honor.

Featuring more than 600 lovingly crafted sound samples contributed by Gen Con 2015 attendees who stepped up to the Syrinscape microphone, the Syrinscape Gen Con SoundSet is a spectacular audio oasis to keep fans in the Gen Con state of mind for the other 361 days of the year, all at the touch of a button on most mobile devices, PCs or Macs.

Attendees of Gen Con 2016 will also have their chance to become immortalized in the forthcoming Syrinscape Gates of Hell SoundSet and are invited to step up to the microphone at the Syrinscape booth (#1143) to contribute their voices for shiny angels of the heavens and foul beasts of the underworld.

The award-winning Syrinscape apps bring fantastic, realistic sound to tabletop gaming. Each is available to try for free, can be completely unlocked for free for 30 days at, and includes 2 free SoundSets to keep after the trial. To download the free Board Game Player, Sci-Fi Player, or Syrinscape Fantasy Player, visit

The Syrinscape Gen Con SoundSet is available on for $3.99. Tickets for Gen Con 2016 are now on sale at

About Gen Con
Gen Con, LLC produces the largest consumer hobby, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure game convention in North America, Gen Con, The Best Four Days In Gaming!™. Acquired in 2002 by former CEO and founder of Wizards of the Coast Peter Adkison, the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Gen Con 2016 is co-sponsored by Mayfair Games and Rio Grande Games. For more information, visit

About Syrinscape
Using a powerful audio engine and complex algorithms to produce ever-changing soundscapes and rich encounter-specific music, Syrinscape conjures every aural landscape imaginable, from ethereal forests and stony shorelines, to dank, vermin-filled dungeons, to the spooky depths of the underdark. Designed by accomplished composer and tabletop gamer Benjamin Loomes, along with the developers at the Interaction Consortium, Syrinscape builds on more than 8 years of prototyping and community feedback. Syrinscape is based in Australia. Syrinscape is available for a wide range of devices, including PCs, Macs, Android Tablets and phones, iPhones and iPads, and the players can be downloaded via syrinscape for free.

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