Strange Arcana Kickstarter Launches!

25eb2f339504031bace1ba54abdf41f5_originalThe Strange Arcana: The Stars are Right Kickstarter project from Sigil Entertainment Group is now live—horribly alive, slithering from a darkness made of cold doom rather than simple shadow!

This is your chance to get your own copy of a dangerous book. Between its covers is a mind-bending collection of eldritch horror stories in a weird, dangerous universe, where superheroes face powerful ancient beings, crazed doomsday cultists, and a dark secret they all share.

Featuring stories from Arnold T. Blumberg, Satyros Phil Brucato, Ian Eller, Dean Gilbert, Shane Lacy Hensley, Dan McGirt, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Aaron Rosenberg, and John Wick. With illustrations by Aaron Acevedo, Matheus Calza, James Denton, Jason Engle, Bien Flores, Grosnez, Aaron Riley, Alida Saxon, Jonathan Taylor, and Jeremy Wilson.

STRANGE ARCANA: The Stars Are Right is an 6.75 x 10.25 inch, 128-page, color volume with a collection of eight original illustrated short stories and an epic 24-page comic finale.

Bonus materials include ebooks, a 54-card playing deck, a tee shirt, custom character illustrations from our award-winning art team, custom short prose stories by author Darren Pearce , art prints suitable for framing, and more.

The Strange Arcana Kickstarter runs through July 22.

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