New Urban Fantasy Fiction for Shadowed Earth

185269Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the new Box of Blades and Other Urban Tales Shadowed Earth fiction anthology. This new anthology takes the original Box of Blades novella and adds three new urban short stories, providing more fiction based in the historical fantasy horror Shadowed Earth. Since Box of Blades was already available, we’re making this new anthology available for 50% for the next two weeks. That’s four urban fantasy stories for only $2! The PDF is available now and the listing will be updated with an ePub and Mobi version soon. A POD version will be available later this month.

Shadowed Earth: Box of Blades and Other Urban Tales [PDF: $3.99 ($2 with the discount link below) | POD: Coming Soon | eBook: Coming Soon]

In the quiet streets of London, evil lurks.

Time is of the essence; the body count is on the rise. Inquisitor Glass must move quickly, for a name of old rings throughout the streets of London. But this British inquisitor is determined to stop the killings at all costs; even if it means death. With the help of the London Inquisitional House, Inquisitor Glass must be careful of whom he trusts.

Set in the Victorian era, Box of Blades depicts British Inquisitor Glass as he investigates a strings of mysterious deaths in London. But all is not as it seems and horror lurks quietly behind the corner.

Box of Blades and Other Urban Tales is a collection of novellas and short stories set in the backdrop of Shadowed Earth, placed within urban settings.

Special price for Shadowed Earth: Box of Blades and Other Urban Tales: $2.00 (click the link to apply the discount)

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