New ScreenPlay Core Rulebook from Broken Ruler Games

Everyone Has A Story To Tell with ScreenPlay

ScreenPlay_CoreRules_300x250GREATER MADAWASKA, ONTARIO, CANADA May 30, 2016 – Broken Ruler Games, in partnership with its publisher, Mystical Throne Entertainment, has launched ScreenPlay, a new tabletop co-operative storytelling game where players are empowered to create tales of heroic legend, intrigue, danger, and anything in between.

Created and designed by ENnie Award winner, Todd Crapper (aka The Warden), ScreenPlay is a co-operative storytelling game where the players take on the role of Writers and the Director (GM) becomes their challenger while also encouraging and working together to craft an original story. Placing emphasis on creativity over mechanics, this mash-up of traditional roleplaying and modern story games provides the tools to tell an original story where everyone has equal opportunity to contribute. Players openly build new content for their story, even create new supporting characters on the fly, without spending points or using special moves.

Designed to replicate the writing process of a first draft screenplay, novel, manga, or any other form of fiction, ScreenPlay offers a free-form foundation allowing everyone a chance to discover a new story while simultaneously ensuring no one player has greater influence than another. And by placing an emphasis on effect over success, the doors are open for the kind of heroes, villains, supporting characters and extras behind every great story. No matter the genre, no matter the setting.

“It’s a truly organic, creative experience,” Todd Crapper reveals. “At first, I was trying to create a martial arts style system that could handle flashy action, superpowers, and anything else the players could throw into the story but it soon became apparent the game could handle more than just action. During the public playtest and various con games, ScreenPlay has helped players tell stories like a 1930s black-and-white horror/murder mystery tale of a monster on the loose inside a museum, a dark fantasy action story of witch hunters battling magic with only a good sword and their faith, even a crazy weird rendition of a sci-fi/reality TV show where transgender aliens try to win the heart of William Shatner… who’s actually a head-in-a-jar a la Futurama. And the beauty is none of these stories required new rules, modifications, or alterations. You can open up the book and use the same rules for anything you can imagine right there at the table.”

ScreenPlay is available in PDF on DriveThruRPG, RPGNow and the Mystical Throne Entertainment store. You can also try out ScreenPlay for free (or Pay-What-You-Want) with Ironbound, a learn-to-play light version of the rules featuring the witch hunters mentioned above.

About Broken Ruler Games
Breaking All The Rules is the motto of this independent game developer. Aligned with Mystical Throne Entertainment, Broken Ruler Games is an ENnie Award winning publisher of Killshot, the world’s deadliest tabletop roleplaying game, and is currently working on High Plains Samurai, a Wild West/wushu/post-apocalyptic/superhero setting designed for use with ScreenPlay. You can learn more about BRG at their website,

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