Star Bastards – A Two Fisted Sci-Fi Gamebook Adventure from Two-Fisted Fantasy

StarBastardsStar Bastards is a two-fisted adventure gamebook set in deep space. Play as one or two characters – run from the law as the Space Exploration Pole, or track him down and bring him to justice as the Law Dog. It’s a chase story set along the derelict backwater planets of the defunct Route 663 . It’s 400 paragraphs and 32 full-page black and white illustrations packed with treacherous aliens, dangerous locations and tricky puzzles, along with a lot of dark humour and stupid puns, and it’s now available in digital and physical formats at the Kickstarter.

Two-Fisted Fantasy started life as a parody of the Fighting Fantasy titles on the Something Awful Forums. According to legend a madman called Herman Skull tried to cash in on the popularity of these books in the 80s and produced some strange and unpleasant results – Sword of the Bastard Elf and Void Racers have been unearthed so far.  While these books are not complete in themselves, they had a fully-realised and unique combat system which I adhered to during the adventures. These were both a lot of fun to write so I wanted to try my hand at the real thing, and so Star Bastards was born.

After months of writing, illustrating and hammering print-ready and digital versions together, I launched Star Bastards on Kickstarter, where it has had an amazing reception. I grew up with the Fighting Fantasy series and wanted to give people the same kind of experience while also providing something completely new. Some of the innovations include ship combat, co-pilots that join you on the adventure, item cards for managing inventory and a combat system which is almost as simple as that of the Fighting Fantasy series while being fast and giving you a lot of control over how you deal with your enemies – do you go all out and flatten them at the cost of your valuable energy, or will you take it easy and risk the fight dragging on and injuries mounting up? Quality of life improvements include a lot of simple things like fully hyperlinked digital documents, a quick reference guide with printable adventure sheets and of course the item and crew cards, all of which allow you to stay in the game and out of the rules section.  As the project picks up steam on Kickstarter the stretch goals have included things like an e-book version of the text, colourised cards and bookmarks.

It’s my dream to get this book into as many hands as possible and to continue to build the Two-Fisted Fantasy range! I hope you come by the Kickstarter and check it out – while the goal’s been hit and everyone’s guaranteed to get their books, you can still join in. Even a buck will help and maybe you’ll also want to grab a copy for yourself – all the cash goes towards getting this business off the ground and the more orders the cheaper the print runs and the more stuff I can cram into the various tiers.  Be sure to take a look at the facebook page or the Two-Fisted Fantasy homepage to stay updated, or follow me on twitter @hermitskull . Here’s to another generation of adventure gamebooks!

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