Unleash a Mutant Chronicles Miniatures Bonanza!

Hail mutants!

Today we’re really pleased to announce a raft of miniatures releases for the Mutant Chronicles roleplaying game.

Head on over to our Mutant Chronicles Collection to stock up on some major faction reinforcements right now!

There are 28mm three pack miniature blisters for most of the major corporations in the game including Bauhaus, Cybertronic, Brotherhood, Capitol, Corporate Agents, Mishima and Whitestar, featuring a diverse sets of elite corporation warriors and corporate agents in dynamic poses.


Perhaps you’ll choose to recruit from Whitestar, who remained in their homeland to face the Nuclear Winter of Mutant Chronicles’ world. A sturdy and violent faction, expert combatants and elite survivalists, their three blister set comprises a Night Witch Pilot, a Bone Hussar (pictured) and a Resector Explorer.


Maybe you’ll choose Mishima (above), the most secretive yet spiritual of all the corporations and harness the mystical power of Ki, which fuels its warriors’ almost superhuman battlefield prowess? Mishima’s impressive three figure set features a formidable Demon Hunter, Ronin and Shadow Walker.


Opposing them are some of the Mutant Chronicles universe’s deadliest foes including the Cable Marionettes set (below), which features three of these fearsome monsters formed from the twisted innards of buildings and derelict space ships. Perhaps you’ll choose the Malignants set (above) featuring dark and twisted undead creatures, born of the Dark Symmetry which mix technology and dead flesh to create a new nightmare!


Whichever you choose, a whole universe of full throttle Diesel-Punk adventures in a solar system beset by corporate intrigue and the invasion of the Dark Legion awaits!

We’ve also just released a few sets of Clockwork Goblin’s Achtung! Cthulhu 10 x Nazi Zombie set, plus we have even more Mutant Chronicles accessories for you to enjoy, in the form of custom faction die, a six D6 combat dice set and the brand new Mutant Chronicles Gamesmaster Screen!

Look out for a raft of more Mutant Chronicles accessories appearing next week,

Best wishes,

Chris Birch
Modiphius Entertainment


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