The Genius Guide to The Talented Bestiary for Pathfinder RPG

a03caa10aa737b0c9f752a9350b1212b_originalThe Four Horsemen are extremely proud to be working with Rogue Genius Games to present the Talented Bestiary Kickstarter for the Pathfinder game system! The Talented line has been a brilliant series with the goal of freeing up character creation, letting you make any variant class you can dream of. The Talented Bestiary takes that same ideal, and applies it to monster creation. We give you all the tools you need to make any creature, from Fine-sized NPC-style monsters to CR 34 Colossal gods!

Monster design is tough, even for experienced designers. The base statistics involve a lot of guess and check values, rules of thumb, and details that take years to learn. That doesn’t even touch on all the abilities that creatures can potentially have, or gauging how powerful they should be. The Talented Bestiary streamlines the monster creation process, making it more of a science. Every monster you make fits its challenge rating with minimal effort, and each one is incredibly customizable.

We introduce the concept of Monster Focus. Instead of tying a monster’s statistics to creature type, we make them more like player characters, with the focus corresponding to the creature’s role. Each focus has a single table for you to quickly reference every single base statistic for a Medium-sized monster of that challenge rating. No crazy math. No guess work. One referenced line gives ability scores, saves, natural armor, and even the recommended number of attacks. You can then alter the monster’s size if you like, with a second quick and easy reference on how that affects its statistics.

We’ve also gone through all the universal monster rules and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary to break out every monster’s ability into an intuitive point system. Each creature gets a number of ability points based on its challenge rating and focus. Abilities can be modified with a wide-variety of enhancements and flaws, with higher powerful monsters capable of purchasing more dangerous abilities.

We’ve been working on this system for years, and have playtested it extensively. In the process, we’ve built hundreds of new monster variants based on the classic Bestiary creatures. The Talented Bestiary is not only going to include the rules to create your own monsters, but also all of our unique creations!

Available for pay what you want and to all backers is a downloadable PDF featuring the first chapter of the book. Within you’ll find the basic monster creation rules with examples on how to use them. We also present five sample monsters of varying CRs so that you can see what the system can produce. Every backer, at even the lowest level, gets additional access to sneak peeks of the ability point system, a summary of all the creatures included in the final book, and a downloadable spreadsheet tool to make monster creation even faster!

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