Polaris RPG Kickstarter Campaign is Now Live

after almost two years of preparation, Black Book Editions is proud to announce that the Polaris RPG Kickstarter is now live.
Please join us in this adventure and help fund this beautiful game, for the first time available in English!
In addition to funding the project (which we’d love you to obviously), you can also help us by spreading  the word! Please forward this information to your friends and contacts, share the Kickstarter’s page on social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumbler, etc). Black Book Editions is not established (yet) outside of the French speaking world, so any help will be not only greatly appreciate, but will also benefit all the backers by unlocking great Stretch Goals.
Feel free to join us and ask questions on the Kickstarter page. Also remember that, until March 17th, you can still download for free the beta preview of the Core Rulebook:1 for Polaris RPG from DriveThruRPG (link), 280 gorgeous pages describing the world and game system of the science-fiction, post-apocalyptical roleplaying game of the Deep!

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