Mutant Chronicles Week and Conan update

Brotherhood source book kicks off a week long Mutant Chronicles celebration! Plus Conan RPG KS update
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2ed45724-24ea-47a5-b28d-2a00f544b20cWe’re really pleased to announce the release of the Mutant Chronicles Brotherhood source book kicking off a week-long celebration of all things Mutant Chronicles!

The Brotherhood Source book is available in Print and PDF or PDF only versions from and all good retail stores. It is also available from

In the Brotherhood Source book, Mutant Chronicles fans will discover the secrets of the Brotherhood, founded to unite mankind against the encroaching Darkness, it stands between the worlds of humanity and the malign power of the Dark Soul. The Cardinal’s influence can be found in all walks of life, and while the corporations may resent some of the Brotherhood’s edicts, the war for mankind’s salvation is the only priority.
* Blessed Brothers: What makes a person join the Brotherhood? Discover the scale and breadth of this massive organisation, large enough to rival the mega corporations, and the range of people who spend their lives serving the Cardinal’s Calling.
 * Mystical Power: Master the secrets of the Art, the powers of the Light, and learn about the people who wield that power.
* The Chronicles: Learn about the history of the Brotherhood, from their origins during the Dark Symmetry era, through to the present day, and uncover the Brotherhood’s darkest secrets.
* Character Creation: Expanded rules for the backgrounds and professions unique to the Brotherhood, with rules for how a character from any background can join the Brotherhood.
Mutant Chronicles Week
The Brotherhood source book is the first major release of Mutant Chronicles Week, a
a week long celebration of the acclaimed sci-fi roleplaying game. Fans can look forward to three new Source books in prospect for the Brotherhood, Cybertronic, and Mishima factions, plus a great new competition to win the entire range.
Players will have a chance to win every single one of the new titles, plus the Mutant Chronicles Capitol and Imperial source books, the Dark Symmetry campaign, basically everything Modiphius has released for Mutant Chronicles in 2016 as well as the original Mutant Chronicles core book and Player’s Guide.
See the Mutant Chronicles Facebook page for further details on the competition.
Conan update
We have had another incredible week with the Conan Kickstarter, lots of announcements like the  Kull of Atlantis cross-over sourcebook and we’ve seen the free  Conan Quickstart downloaded over 9000 times! On Friday we unlocked the fantastic  

Conan the Pirate Supplement 

Sail the red-dimmed seas as a reaver or explorer, seeking fortune on the farthest horizon.This sourcebook covers Argos and Zingara, the Pictish coastline, and the coasts of Shem, Stygia, Kush, and the Black Kingdoms, as well as the Barachan Islands and the Vilayet Sea. Join the Red Brotherhood or prove your mettle with the Zingaran Freebooters. Character options include pirate-themed lifepaths and options, as well as expanded ship combat rules and guidelines for ocean-going adventure.
– 112 page full colour hardback.


The next Stretch Goal is for Beasts of the Hyborian Age at £255k but we also unveiled the latest new Stretchgoal for the Ancients Ruins & Cursed Cities sourcebook at £355k. Remember the 3 big pledges: Hoard of Yezdigerd, Secrets of Mount Yishma and Treasure of Tranicos all get every book shown in the Stretch Goals graphic regardless of whether we unlock them.
That’s all for now, but hopefully that’s plenty to keep you going!
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