Mutant Chronicles: the Dark Symmetry Campaign is Unleashed

Go back to the beginning with the Dark Symmetry Campaign book for Mutant Chronicles
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Today we’re really pleased to announce the release of the Dark Symmetry ed2df6ba-1639-4ba1-983c-5dd67523704c campaign book, an exciting new adventure which takes players back to the origins of the Mutant Chronicles diesel punk roleplaying game.
In the Mutant Chronicles, players enter a dark future of a solar system riven by war, where technology is failing, powerful corporations vie for control and the omnipresent threat of an alien menace hangs over mankind, in this acclaimed diesel punk sci-fi roleplaying game.
At the beginning of this era, an Imperial expedition to Pluto has unleashed a wave of darkness and  despair upon humanity, spreading madness and corruption. As the worlds of mankind begin to fall, a handful of determined investigators stumble across conspiracies that threaten to tear civilisation apart.
The Dark Symmetry Campaign book contains two distinct campaigns set in the Dark Symmetry era, exploring the early years of the Mutant Chronicles setting, plus a standalone adventure Straffar Gatan 39, which serves as a prequel to the main campaigns.
Straffar Gatan 39
Detectives from Luna PD 32nd Precinct Homicide Division are sent to investigate a callout to Straffar Gatan 39. The dark events that take place in Straffar Gatan 39 serve as a prelude to the Fall of Von Hölle adventure, and occur one day after Imperial Conquistadors on Pluto discovered a strange tablet in ancient ruins.
The Fall of von Hölle
In the days following the emergence of the Dark Symmetry, a missing heiress, an emergency call, and the agenda of a madman all lead to an unsettling discovery and a vile conspiracy.
The Dark Symmetry Campaign
At the height of the First Dark Legion War, a series of seemingly innocuous events in LunaCity reveal a dark scheme that spreads across human civilisation.
Inside this massive 192 page adventure, players will also encounter extensive background and source material and insights into the early days of the Mutant Chronicles universe. Dark Symmetry also features:
Pre-generated Characters
Six characters designed to work with the premise of the adventures.
A selection of items used by the Cartel’s elite warriors, who were founded in the height of the First Dark Legion war.
The Dark Symmetry campaign unleashes the truth about the genesis of the Mutant Chronicles universe and the arrival of the Dark Legion threat!
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