Full Length Savage Worlds Sci-Fi Campaign

MTE-MB-Hastilion-ExpanseMystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the full Hastilion Expanse campaign book – 300 pages covering a full-length sci-fi campaign for Savage Worlds and Mercenary Breed. This is the fully-compiled version of the four previously released modules. The PDF is available now and the print-on-demand will be available in March.

Mercenary Breed: Hastilion Expanse (Savage Worlds) [PDF: $20 | POD: Coming Soon | PDF/POD: Coming Soon


The Argo Galaxy is growing – not physically but figuratively. After years of study, the House of the Alliance has finally decided to open the Hastilion Expanse for full settlement and corporate utilization. Researchers identified numerous planets and moons as optimal for civilization and corporations from around the known galaxy, including Drake Mining and Manufacturing, are making plans to acquire land.

Since its inception, Drake Mining and Manufacturing has prided itself on mining resources and creating high-quality products from those resources to support the entire galaxy. Moving into the Hastilion Expanse provides them with a wealth of opportunities to expand their operations and grow their business. That is, of course, if their new facilities can survive.

New planets are always fraught with hidden dangers from native flora and fauna, pirates, rival corporations, and rebellious populations. Only the strength of Drake’s mercenary force will help them overcome any roadblocks and become successful. As long as they don’t get killed in the process.

Welcome to the Mercenary Breed campaign set, Hastilion Expanse. Hastilion Expanse is a space opera campaign designed for Mercenary Breed, presenting the campaign and supporting it with source material, character options, and new adversaries inside and outside of the campaign.

The Hastilion Expanse is a 12-part plot point campaign, taking the characters from Novice through Legendary. It includes:

  • New Character Options
  • New Adversaries
  • A detailed look at the Hastilion Expanse
  • Novice through Heroic Savage Tales
  • … and more!

Hastilion Expanse is not a standalone product. It requires the Savage Worlds core rulebook and the Mercenary’s Handbook. GMs will also want a copy of the Xenopedia.

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