AMP: Year Three Continues the Story on Kickstarter

AY3 Kickstarter Image

Third Eye Games is back on Kickstarter with AMP: Year Three, the next stage of evolution in the modern supers RPG. This game continues the story begun in AMP: Year One; people with accelerated mutant potential have been discovered and humankind hasn’t responded well. This year it’s an all-out war between SAPs, normal humans, and AMPs.

AMP: Year One quietly introduced supers to the world. In AMP: Year Two their secrets were discovered and humanity responded as it often does—with fear. In AMP: Year Three it’s all come to a head and the war between humanity and their perceived threat rages. What happens next is up to you—build your AMPs or SAPs and enter anywhere in the timeline you choose. Just remember one thing: there are no heroes or villains, only hard choices.

Third Eye Games is raising funds on Kickstarter to get this new book into your hands and onto your gaming tables. To help with that goal, we’re offering free shipping on all print orders to anyone in the world. We’re also throwing in a GM screen to help your games run smoothly.

Speed, fly, or teleport over to the Kickstarter campaign page to pledge your support.

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