Fated Minions of the Source Now Available from Third Eye Games

173667Third Eye Games has once again teamed up with Encoded Designs to bring you Fated Minions of the Source, the second sourcebook for the Fate powered conversion of the popular Part-Time Gods RPG.

Fated Minions of the Source details the elusive entity known as the Source and the Outsiders who do its bidding. This book contains over 40 new Outsiders and Relics to add to your game, including Manticores, Black-Eyed Children and the mighty Sphinx. It also includes three new Theologies and a brand new adventure to tie everything together.

In Part-Time Gods of Fate, you take on the life of a mortal who has gained the divine Spark. You now have godly powers and all the worshipers you can muster, but no matter how cool it is to be the god of fire it still doesn’t pay the rent. You must learn to balance your divine and mortal responsibilities—save the world from the Source’s minions, but make sure you’re home on time for your daughter’s recital or you’ll have bigger things to worry about.

Don’t let the Source ruin your day. Pick up Fated Minions of the Source today from DriveThruRPG or the 3EG Online Store.

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