Fabled Environments Kickstarts Urban Fantasy Setting Olympus, Inc. For Savage Worlds

On January 19th, Fabled Environments launched a Kickstarter to fund their first setting book for Savage Worlds: Olympus, Inc. Several publishers and authors have partnered with Fabled Environments to provide materials to tier backers and as stretch goals including: Warning Label LLC’s Cast of Cards, Sean Preston (Agents of Oblivion, Realms of Cthulhu), Ambient Environments audio soundscapes, and John Dunn (Accursed, Thin Blue Line).

The Kickstarter is slated to run until February 18, 2016.

Olympus, Inc-FT

About This Project

After being expelled from Olympus, the Olympian gods formed massive corporations in an effort to gain power and replace the followers that they have lost. Despite Divine Law, old hatreds still exist between the Olympians and Titans. Since the Olympians and Titans are barred from open conflict, demigods and intelligent mythical beings wage a shadow war on behalf of the Olympians and Titans. They fight while mortals remain asleep to the truth. This is the world of Olympus, Inc!

Olympus, Inc. features three playable races as well as several new Edges and Hindrances. Six Olympians and their corresponding corporations are detailed as well as new and adapted powers for demigods based on their bloodline. A detailed history of the world, new equipment and firearms, and adventure seeds are also included to help immerse players and game masters in the world of Olympus, Inc. Gorgeous artwork by Mirco Paganessi, Simon Bray, and Simon Powell help to bring this book to life.

Be among the first to benefit from limited pledge rewards: http://www.fabledenvironments.com/olympus

For questions, please email: charles@fabledenvironments.com

Olympus, Inc. is designed for use with the Savage Worlds Deluxe Core Book and the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion. Fabled Environments is a licensee of Savage Worlds.

About Fabled Environment
Fabled Environments is a multiple ENnie nominated Savage Worlds Licensee. Co-Founded by Krista and Charles White, Fabled Environments has produced high quality modern floor plans and adventures for over 10 years.

About the Authors
Charles White has written numerous articles and adventures for Savage Worlds. In addition, he has written the book Ultimate Knights Templar Guide. Gilbert Gallo is an expert in Greek Mythology and has also written numerous articles for Savage Worlds. His Savage Worlds setting book, Mythos, is a Silver Best Seller on OneBookshelf.

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