New Festering Swampland, Underwater Environment and More for the Pathfinder RPG


Syrinscape’s Turn of the Torrent SoundPack Features Sound Samples Recorded By Pathfinder Fans and Players at both PaizoCon and Gen Con 2015

ba8054f8-e11f-40d1-a117-068953284336SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (January 12, 2016) – Syrinscape, creator of the award-winning apps that put the power of custom, movie-like sound effects, soundscapes, music, and dynamic audio solutions at the fingertips of the gamer, announces today the release of its latest SoundPack for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Turn of the Torrent, the complete audio solution for the second chapter of Pathfinder’s Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path.

“Syrinscape is particularly excited to release the Turn of the Torrent SoundPack because it includes samples recorded live by Pathfinder fans at events in 2015,” says Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes. “To everyone who stepped up to our booth microphones at PaizoCon and Gen Con 2015, we praise and thank you for your spectacular, and slightly disturbing, contributions!”

Syrinscape’s Turn of the Torrent SoundPack includes:

  • An extraordinary underwater environment, including muffled music for combat
  • A horribly seedy and sticky public house, the “Tooth and Nail”
  • A festering swampland
  • An angry golem made from a hundred tightly winding ropes
  • A visit to a docked ship
  • A combat with a slightly unhinged and completely dangerous rogue
  • A haunted crypt with appropriate accompanying encounters
  • The sound of entering and exiting water
  • And much more!

The Turn of the Torrent SoundPack for the Syrinscape Fantasy Player app is available on for $12.99. For 50% off regular price, a subscription to all Pathfinder Adventure Path SoundPacks is available for $6.50/month, or a SuperSyrin Subscription for $10.00/month unlocks Syrinscape’s entire Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Board Game libraries.

The award-winning Syrinscape apps bring fantastic, realistic sound to tabletop gaming. Each is available to try for free, can be completely unlocked for free for 30 days at, and includes 2 free SoundSets to keep after the trial. To download the free Board Game Player, Sci-Fi Player, or Syrinscape Fantasy Player, visit

About Syrinscape
Using a powerful audio engine and complex algorithms to produce ever-changing soundscapes and rich encounter-specific music, Syrinscape conjures every aural landscape imaginable, from ethereal forests and stony shorelines, to dank, vermin-filled dungeons, to the spooky depths of the underdark. Designed by accomplished composer and tabletop gamer Benjamin Loomes, along with the developers at the Interaction Consortium, Syrinscape builds on more than 8 years of prototyping and community feedback. Syrinscape is based in Australia. Syrinscape is available for a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac, Android Tablets and phone, iPhones and iPads, and the players can be downloaded via syrinscape for free.

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