Launches Popular RPG, Hero Zero


Montreal – Dec 16th, 2015, an online gaming portal featuring premium web-based games, announced today the North American launch of Hero Zero, a free-to-play superhero browser game. Hero Zero already has over 22 million registered players worldwide and is available to play now at: Hero Zero Link

In Hero Zero, you’re just an average joe with a big ambition: become the greater superhero ever!  Like most fledgling heroes, you’re going to have to start small – you’ve got to crawl before you can leap a tall building in a single bound.  Hone your skills rescuing wayward felines trapped in trees, then work your way to the top by battling nefarious villains, fighting off alien invasions, and slaying legendary monsters threatening the city!

Hero Zero Features:

  •  Create and customize your own hero
  •  Time Missions
  •  Fight Missions
  •  Skill training
  •  Special side jobs to earn extra coins
  •  Wacky animated PVP duels
  •  World rankings list
  •  Super Hero Team creation
  •  Receive rewards based on your  achievements and heroic deeds
  •  Complete special missions and win special    rewards
  •  Regular free updates and content additions
  •  Guild system to team up with other heroes for world domination
  •  Challenge other heroes in PvP and team battles
  •  Real time villain events with thousands of players
  •  Team vs Team fights

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