Third Eye Games Holiday Grab Bags

3683d9c8-5503-4620-9dbe-c12f3f3a0b33This holiday season, give the gift of Third Eye Games with one of our annual Holiday Grab Bags. From now through January 15, 2016 you can get a package filled with great 3EG products, but there’s no telling what you’ll get. Surprise yourself and your friends—every package contains different gifts.

In each Holiday Grab Bag, you’ll get:

  • 1 random core book
  • 2 random sourcebooks
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 bonus prize (a character pack, poster, dice bag, or some other swag)

Everything is guaranteed to be from Third Eye Games’ expansive library, but the specifics are anybody’s guess. Will you get one of our new releases, such as Apocalypse Prevention Inc., 2nd Edition or the hot-off-the-press Storm Battalion? Perhaps you’ll get your hands on one of our family-friendly titles such as Mermaid Adventures or Infestation, and RPG of Bugs and Heroes.

The 3EG Holiday grab Bags are a great value—get $100 worth of products for just $60. Introduce your friends to Third Eye Games or add to your own collection. They’re also a fun idea for Secret Santa gift exchanges; if you’re not sure what they like, treat them to a little sample of everything.

Grab your Holiday Gift Bag today before we run out of stock. This seasonal special only comes around once per year, so now’s your chance to get in on the holiday spirit with Third Eye Games!

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