The Faerie Ring Kickstarter Campaign for Pathfinder and 5E


Zombie Sky Press just launched a giant source book for the fey… I mean the Fair Folk!

THE FAERIE RING contains high-powered fey lords, new fey monsters, playable fey races and character options, new fey cities and planes and more.

Play as a fir bolg, bitterclaw, darkling, goodfellow, wyrd, putti, twilight child, black hat, kitsune, matabiri… maybe a sidhe!

THE FAERIE RING is being designed separately for 5E and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. There’re 10 powerful fey lords, 30+ new fey monsters, 11 fey player races and character options, fey planes and cities, and more coming. Tons of the wonderfully weird for players and GMs alike.

There’s a 41-page sample PDF linked in our Kickstarter update #3. For the curious, it’s fancy frolicking free fey fun!

An all-star lineup of talented designers, developers, and artists hope to bring you tons of the wonderfully weird play-hopping adventures for players and GMs alike.


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