Celtic Sourcebook for Savage Worlds

MTE-Ultimate-Celts-Guide-SWMystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce our latest Ultimate Guides sourcebook, this time covering the Celtic society in Ultimate Celts Guide. Written by Tyler Omichinksi, this latest Ultimate Guides takes a historical and mythological look at the various Celtic groups and provides a way to get started in a Celtic adventure. The PDF is available now with the POD version being available in early December.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to this book being released this week, it is not a part of the 50% off holiday sale.

Ultimate Celts Guide (Savage Worlds) [PDF: $3.95 | POD: Coming Soon | POD/PDF: Coming Soon]


The wind swept isles of Albion have long held the popular imagination, and legends are still being invented about the Celtic peoples. In modern times, the Cornish, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and Manx are the heirs to the Celtic line. In ancient times, the Celts were spread across continental Europe and the Isles. They held great kingdoms and were skilled on horseback, at crossing the oceans, and at strength of arms.

There is much difficulty in separating reality from myth regarding the Celtic peoples, especially given their own penchant for interweaving their myths with reality. Theirs was an oral tradition, and much was not written down until far after. This feeds our view of the Isles being a place fogged in myth and legend. They fought against the Romans, terrifying even the most trained of Legions, traded with the ancient Greeks, built castles on the barest of ocean rocks, and more.

The Ultimate Celts Guide is a sourcebook for Savage Worlds that seeks to convey a handful of polished gems made from the myth and history of the Celts, ensuring you can utilize these people and their legends in your games. Remembered for their ferocity in battle, their bravery that bordered on foolhardiness, and their love of land and place, the Celts are as much a people of story as they are people in history.

Ultimate Celts Guide includes:

  • A brief history of the Celtic people.
  • Ranks within Celtic society.
  • A look at the Celtic lands.
  • An overview of Celtic mythology.
  • Options for creating Celtic characters.
  • Non-player Characters.
  • A Celtic adventure.
  • … and more!

Ultimate Celts Guide can lay the groundwork for a historical or alternate history adventure set within the Celtic lands of old. It can also be used as a guide for creating Celtic characters within fantasy games.

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