BattleTech Primer PDF Available!

tumblr_inline_nwhmpdbnZu1s9c9hj_500Tumblr has been packed with brilliant BattleTech news the last few months. From when Catalyst started to announce our re-imagined images for classic favorite BattleMechs like the Warhammer and Marauder, to Piranha Games’ MechWarrior Online also releasing their re-imagined BattleMechs for pre-orders, to the exciting BATTLETECH Kickstarter computer game from Harebrained Schemes.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best parts of all of this has been to watch the synergy of all of these companies and our communities shine as we simply share the passion we have for this great universe, and all the myriad ways it can be enjoyed.

Early in the Kickstarter HBS wanted to release a BattleTech Primer. We’d actually just crafted an internal Primer for licensing, which I’d share with HBS, and initially I thought: “Sure, great idea. A few nips and tucks and this’ll be awesome and quick.”

Yeah. Right. Creating a booklet that showcases the immense legacy of this universe, while providing an exciting, new way to present the information about the 3025 Succession Wars Era (as it’s been written about dozens of times), and showcasing all the ways players can experience BattleTech across all the companies involved producing games? Yeah…pretty tall order and it required lots and lots of go around. Ultimately you’ll let us know if we succeeded!

I’d like to call out Harebrained Schemes (their cool announcement!) and Piranha Games (and their awesome announcement!) for helping make this great synergy possible. In particular I also want to thank David Kerber who laid out the book and calmly took the endless re-organization and revisions that resulted in well over a dozen different versions before we settled on this one.

tumblr_inline_nwhn37luv11s9c9hj_500Finally, beyond everything else that’s great about this PDF, the art is a brilliant, 30-year retrospective of an amazing cadre of artists. As it states on page one:

The art in this Primer covers thirty years of action-packed BattleTech excitement. From the very first books published in 1985 to illustrations this year from both the tabletop game as well as concept sketches from Harebrained Schemes’ coming BATTLETECH: enjoy the visual history of this stunning setting.

Here’s a few pages to show-off what you’ll find in the PDF.

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