Mistborn: House War to be First Board Game for Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn


Portland, Oregon (05 October 2015) CRAFTY GAMES today announced that the upcoming board game tied to Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn will be called MISTBORN: HOUSE WAR. This title replaces the working title, Mistborn: Final Empire, and will be used going forward.

Previewed at Gamestorm in Portland and Gen Con in Indianapolis this Summer, MISTBORN: HOUSE WAR is designed by Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror, Cosmic Encounter, Descent, Sid Meier’s Civilization). It focuses on the conflict between the powerful noble houses during the events of the first Mistborn novel, ‘Mistborn: The Final Empire’.

“I’m very happy with the rules,” said designer Kevin Wilson. “It really captures the backroom politics and maneuvering between the nobles houses shown in ‘The Final Empire.’ It’s also a blast to play, with lots of negotiation and backstabbing.”

“Playtests at Gen Con went really well,” said brand manager Alex Flagg. “We’re excited to let players experience the Mistborn universe in a whole new way.”

Crafty Games

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