Folklore: The Affliction is LIVE on Kickstarter


Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.

Greenbrier Games with Twin Fire Productions’ design team is collaborating with Adam & Brady Sadler, Jason Engle, and Ed Greenwood to give you an amazing tabletop gaming experience. Read about our collaborators on the Kickstarter page.

Folklore the Affliction is a dark fantasy role playing board game for 1-5 players that does not require a game master. Adventure in a land steeped in fear, myth and superstition. Hunt or be hunted by creatures of antiquity and legend. Explore dangerous locales to find clues to the sources of evil sinking its claws into the heart of the land, and decimating the populace. Defend the weak from the scourge of witchcraft and the demonic, the taint of lycanthropy and vampirism. Advance through highly immersive stories of epic scale with multi-layer character development in an on-going quest to drive the darkness back into the hell from which it came.

One of things that makes Folklore:The Affliction unique is the storytelling element that weaves the game together. Decisions made by the players change the story and fork the destiny of the outcomes in each adventure.  Will you accept this quest to purge evil from this land?

Players choose their story. The chapters in each story have convenient stopping points for controlling session lengths.

Adventures escalate in difficulty as the characters unearth lore to defeat ancient evils known as Afflictions and drive them back into the hell from which they came. Your party of 1-5 characters travel together, explore the world map, and encounter some surprises along the way! Search corridors and catacombs, solve puzzles, earn gear, set traps, avoid snares, gain companions, purchase abilities, and more!

Along with the game, we are also offering some add-ons such as the Dogmight boxes. If you have a fatality, you are not out of the game, you instead play on as your ghost with ethereal ghostly powers to rise up against evil from beyond the veil. With our “Ghost miniature pack” you can add a translucent miniature of your character to represent your ghostly form on the board!

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