Greenbrier Games is Launching Folklore: The Affliction on Kickstarter

Marlborough, Massachusetts – Oct 4th 2015 – The publisher, Greenbrier Games, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the dark fantasy RPG board game Folklore: The Affliction on Tuesday October 6th, 2015.

Preview of the Kickstarter page:

(Note: the page is subject to change)

Greenbrier Games with Twinfire Productions’ design team is collaborating with Adam & Brady Sadler, Jason Engle, and Ed Greenwood to give you an amazing tabletop gaming experience.

Folklore the Affliction is a dark fantasy role playing board game for 1-5 players that does not require a game master. Your characters will be challenged by their environment and engage in dangerous miniatures-based combat as well as non-miniatures based skirmishes as they adventure on the world map and as they dungeon-crawl through dark places.

One of things that makes Folklore: The Affliction unique is the storytelling element that weaves the game together. Decisions made by the players change the story and fork the destiny of the outcomes in each adventure. Each character has their own skills and sets of unique abilities to acquire and master, providing distinct depth, customization and endless re-playability.

For more information about Folklore:The Affliction visit the Kickstarter or visit the press page on our website:

About Greenbrier Games Inc
Greenbrier Games is a publisher of board, card, dice games located in Marlborough, MA. They have published Ninja Dice, Heavy Steam, and recently Yashima:Legend of the Kami Masters. Greenbrier Games started in 2011 with their first game Zpocalypse, having successfully been funded via the popular crowdsourcing website


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