Magic: The Gathering – Battle for Zendikar Set Released Today!

EN_fj23ulqkulToday marks the release of the highly-anticipated Battle for Zendikar set expansion for the world’s most popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. More than 20 million Magic players and fans worldwide will be excited to return to the fan favorite plane of Zendikar, where allied teams of elves, vampires and humans struggle against the monstrous alien Eldrazi, who are threatening the entire world with destruction. Some of Magic‘s most iconic hero Planeswalkers, the Zendikari people and even the land itself battle to reclaim their world starting Friday, October 2.

Certain packs of the Battle for Zendikar set will include a very rare version of some of Magic‘s well-known cards. Called Zendikar Expeditions, these cards have gorgeous foil art featuring the beautiful Zendikari landscapes.

Notable dates for the set include:

October 2 Battle for Zendikar card set is released.
October 16 – 18 – Watch some of Magic‘s best pro-players battle for the top spot in the Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar!
December 11 – 13
– The 2015 World Magic Cup is happening in Barcelona, Spain! Check out the event page to see where to watch the stream.

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