Cubicle 7 Releases Lone Wolf Adventure Game

Lone Wolf Adventure Game in US Game Stores today
Cubicle 7’s Lone Wolf Adventure Game hits the shelves of US stores this week.

LWAG BoxFunded via Kickstarter, Cubicle 7 have taken an innovative approach – apparently sinking all of the profits from a Kickstarter into making an accessible, beginner-friendly boxed set with a beginner-friendly low price. As gamers are finding out, the really amazing thing is that Lone Wolf Adventure Game has all the high production values that we’ve come to associate with Cubicle 7 games like The One Ring and the impressive Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set.

We asked Cubicle 7 about the plan.

“Both new gamers and brick and mortar stores are the lifeblood of our hobby” said C7 CEO Dom McDowall. “I took a long hard look at what was available for new gamers, and saw a gap in the market. We resolved to develop something with both extremely high production values and a low price point. Something recognisable as a game of quality, that store owners could hand to interested potential gamers and they could use it themselves, without help, to become rpgers.

McDowall continues “Roleplaying games are something I’ve enjoyed all my life, and I started that journey with Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf. When Joe approached us about licensing his multimillion-selling world I jumped at the chance. It was a perfect fit for our beginner box plans”.

“The final piece of the puzzle was Kickstarter. Whilst it can have an awkward relationship with some store owners who feel crowd funding is cutting them out of the deal, I knew there had to be a way to use that crowd funding to bring them something of real value that we wouldn’t be able to be do otherwise. We are strongly committed to gaming stores, and I want us to all win.”

“And so we reached out to the Lone Wolf fans, and asked for their help to create a new generation of gamers. And they answered the call. We were bowled over by their support, and everyone at Cubicle 7 is extremely proud of what we’ve made, and the price point we’ve been able to offer it at. The Lone Wolf adventure Game is packed with great components, makes new gamers and costs just $30.”

About Cubicle 7
Cubicle 7 are a UK based creator and publisher of games, specialising in developing games that bring the feel of fan-favourite properties to your tabletop with high quality design and components.

Lone Wolf Adventure Game:
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Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set:
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