War Comes to the Entropic Gaming System

MTE-EG-WarfareMystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Entropic Guides: Warfare, the large-scale combat rules supplement for the Entropic Gaming System. Currently available in PDF, this supplement introduces a number of large-scale combat resolution methods to go beyond the simple skirmish. Additionally, many of the basic aspects and mechanics of these new rules (especially Siege Warfare) can be generically applied to Savage Worlds, Legend, Renaissance, and Colonial Gothic with only a small amount of conversion. For Savage Worlds, the two-dice system can become the standard die plus a bonus according to the value of the second die. For Legend and Renaissance, the two-dice system can become the standard d100 with a bonus to the Skill being rolled. For Colonial Gothic, the two-dice system can instead be used to create the Target Number for your 2d12 roll.

Entropic Guides: Warfare [PDF: $10 | B&W Paperback: Coming Soon | Full-color Hardcover: Coming Soon]


When  a simple skirmish won’t resolve the conflict, it’s time to pull out the big guns and declare WAR! Entropic Guides: Warfare is an all-crunch supplement for the Entropic Gaming System, adding a new layer to conflict resolution by detailing mechanics for various types of large-scale combat situations.

Entropic Guides: Warfare includes:

  • Dogfights
  • Mass Combat
  • Mecha
  • Sea Combat
  • Siege Warfare
  • Space Combat
  • Vehicle Combat
  • … and more!

Entropic Guides: Warfare is a rules supplement for the Entropic Gaming System. It is not a standalone book and requires use of the EGS core rulebook. Players and GMs will want to download or print the various worksheets included to help manage all those different large-scale combat situations.

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