New Releases for Shadows of Esteren and a Free PDF Cartography Kit


Hello everyone!

Our Backerkit is live and we have just uploaded three new add-ons: the Set of 6 Occultism Artworks, the Esteren Note Book, and the Esteren Gastronogeek Menu. These three supplements are stretch goals unlocked during the Occultism KS campaign. Check below for details!

Cartography Kit: a free PDF on DrivethruRPG

We have prepared a Cartography Kit including the map of Tri-Kazel. It can be freely downloaded on DrivethruRPG through this link. It is a very nice companion to the supplement “City Maps of Tri-Kazel.”


Set of 6 Occultism Artworks + Folder

This set includes three artworks from Yoann Lossel and three artworks from Gawain. A collector’s item! Pre-order here.

Esteren Note Book

A nice 120 pages, 8 x 11 inches blank book to write your own stories. Embossed hardcover, satin ribbon and gold leaf. Pre-order here.

Esteren Gastronogeek Menu

A full menu with recipes for a Shadows of Esteren dinner! Pre-order here.


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