Gen Con Co-Owner and Game Industry Legend Turned Filmmaker Peter Adkison to Debut Chaldea at Gen Con


Premier Screening of Pilot Episode, War Room, Launches Epic Tale of High-Adventure, Planetary Politics, and War

SEATTLE, WA (July 13, 2015): Peter Adkison, founder of Wizards of the Coast, co-owner of Gen Con, and filmmaker (The Devil Walks in Salem), announces today his newest project, Chaldea, will make its debut in an exclusive premier at Gen Con Indy. The screening will take place at midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning in the Westin Grand Ballroom III, and will feature a live Q&A with Adkison, Steve Conard, and Duke Seifried.

Created by Adkison, along with long-time collaborator Steve Conard, and developed directly from scenarios gamed by players in Adkison’s RPG campaigns dating back to 1982, Chaldea brings those games to life in a trans-media web series, using motion graphics, music, sound, and live action film sequences.

“Every Game Master dreams of seeing that one particularly magical campaign come to life,” says Peter Adkison, CEO, Director, and Executive Producer. “Steve and I spent years honing our storytelling and world-building skills playing Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs. Chaldea is an amalgamation of those experiences rolled into one, and there’s no better place to show it for the first time than at Gen Con Indy.”

Chaldea has traditional fantasy roots with dragons, elves, demons, etc., mixed with real-world places and times in history, such as Rome, Babylon, Teutonic Knights, and real-worth pantheons of deities (Norse, Egyptian, Greek, etc.), all of which are brought together in an epic tale, in an innovative blend of film, comics, and fiction.

The pilot episode, Chaldea: War Room, features real-world legend of historical miniatures and Gen Con’s Industry Insider Guest of Honor Duke Seifried, playing a fantasy version of himself as “the old toymaker”. In real life, Seifried is famous for his stunning dioramas and miniatures collections, two of which can be seen in the episode.

Throughout Gen Con Indy, fans can visit the Chaldea booth in the Exhibit Hall (#2332), to play the Chaldea Experience, a walk-up-and-roleplay experience designed by Jonathan Tweet, as well as meet & greet/autograph sessions with some of the Chaldea cast, including Jen Page, Sarah Moore, and Duke Seifired. There will also be giveaways at the booth and at the premier, including character prints, posters, and DVDs (while supplies last).

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