Mythos Wine and Blood Now Available for the Entropic Gaming System

MTE-MY-Wine-and-Blood-EGSMystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the first Mythos supplement for the Entropic Gaming System – Wine and Blood. This first supplement details Dionysus’s entrance into the Heavenly Contest as Zagreus and the new material that comes with it, such as the addition of the Satyr Background.

Mythos: Wine and Blood (EGS) [PDF: $3.95]

Zagreus tried his best to dissuade Zeus to resign in a thousand years, persuading him with wine and dance, to end the Heavenly Contest immediately, for Cosmos’ sake. But Zeus was adamant; the Heavenly Contest would go on and whoever among its contenders would have the largest number of followers within a thousand years would be appointed Cosmos’ new supreme ruler. Zagreus was left with a difficult choice: enduring a bad ruler in the future or taking part in the Heavenly Contest, being forced to spend time scheming instead of partying. Eventually, he chose the latter option; after all, he could use a little diversion from time to time from extreme partying and wine orgies.

Wine and Blood is the first supplement for Mythos, a setting of epic adventures in mythological Ancient Greece. This first supplement details Dionysus as he enters the Heavenly Contest as Zagreus. With his entry into the Heavenly Contest, Dionysus, as Zagreus, grows in Patron Deity potential with Mystery Cults, new heroes to sire, and new lands to explore!

Wine and Blood is designed for players and GMs and includes:

  • A new playable race – satyrs
  • New Qualities
  • A new Patron Deity entry covering Zagreus
  • Three new Mystery Cults
  • Information about the lands of India
  • Exotic beasts and tribes
  • Epic Tales
  • … and more!

Wine and Blood is not a standalone supplement. It requires the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook and the Mythos core setting guide or Hero’s Handbook.

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