Part-Time Gods of Fate from Third Eye Games

3EG-Part-Time-Gods-of-FateThird Eye Games and Encoded Designs have teamed up to deliver Part-Time Gods of Fate, an RPG about mortals who gain the spark of divinity but still have their daily lives to contend with. Now available in PDF, Part-Time Gods of Fate merges 3EG’s popular setting with Encoded Designs’ take on the fate core system.

In Part-Time Gods, you’ll explore what it’s like to gain awesome divine power, battle world-threatening outsiders, and develop relationships with fellow members of your pantheon. Of course, being a god doesn’t pay the rent and it doesn’t excuse you from missing your sister’s wedding. You’ll need to make tough decisions to make it as a divine being in modern society—do you have time to help your fellow deities fend off impending doom before your sister walks down the isle?

Now you can be powered by divinity in a game Powered by Fate. Encoded Designs worked hard to convert this setting to Fate Core. The game takes a system you know and love and adds new rules like Territory Creation, Worshipers and Relics, and more.

Don’t let this divine opportunity pass you buy. Get your copy of Part-Time Gods of Fate from DriveThruRPG or the 3EGOnline Store today.

DriveThruRPG PDF: Part-Time Gods of Fate

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