AMP Adventures Collection Available Now

AMP-Adventures-CoverNow available in PDF, AMP Adventures packs seven scenarios for AMP: Year One into one convenient collection. Discover the secrets and excitement waiting for you in Third Eye Games’ modern Supers RPG. Every adventure highlights various aspects of the game’s rich setting and unique mechanics, including new uses for several of the game’s awesome powers system.

Each standalone adventure is available for $3, but you can get the entire set of seven (a $21 value) for just $15. Adventures include:

Team Player,” “Attack of the Buzz” and “The White Knight” by Eloy Lasanta; “Scalpel’s Edge” and “Five Days of Asphalt” by Chris Kobbe; “Evolution of Apex” by Bill Bodden; and “Academic Conspiracy” by John D. Kennedy. Run each of them separately or link them together as part of a longer campaign.

AMP Adventures is available in PDF from DriveThruRPG and the 3EG Online Store. It will also be available in print at GenCon 2015.

Find out what hard choices await you. Grab your copy of AMP Adventures today!

3EG Store:

DriveThruRPG: AMP Adventures

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