Part-Time Gods of Fate Kickstarter is Live


Third Eye Games and Encoded Designs are proud to announce the launch of the Part-Time Gods of Fate Kickstarter. This game combines the world of Part-Time Gods, one of 3EG’s best-selling game lines, with the popular Fate Core game system. The result is nothing short of divine.

Originally released in 2011 using the DGS Lite system, Part-Time Gods is a game about mortals who have gained the spark of divinity and are thrust into the ranks of godhood. Despite your newfound powers and followers, being a god doesn’t pay the bills—sure, being the God of Weather has its perks (can we say “snow day”?) but you still need to be able to feed your family.

Encoded Designs has been working hard at bringing the feeling of this groundbreaking RPG to the Fate Core system. Like a god having to balance their mortal and divine life, they’ve managed to keep the feeling of the original without losing what it means to be a game Powered by Fate.

Part-Time Gods of Fate is written, playtested, and already in layout. Eloy Lasanta has a great deal of experience getting books from Kickstarter to your hands in a timely manner, and we expect this to be completed shortly after the campaign ends. We just need your help funding the remaining costs so we can get it out the door.

Part-Time Gods of Fate is seeking $2,000 by July 2nd, 2015. Join the pantheon of backers today.


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