Ultimate Knights Templar Guide for the Entropic Gaming System

MTE-Ultimate-Knights-Templar-Guide-EGSMystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the Ultimate Knights Templar Guide PDF for the Entropic Gaming System. This EGS version of the Ultimate Guides sourcebook features a historical look at the Knights Templar and mechanics for creating your own Knights Templar adventures! The print-on-demand version will be available later this month.

Pick-up the PDF by itself or grab the bundle of all the Ultimate Guides and save some money!

Ultimate Knights Templar Guide (EGS) [PDF: $4.95 | POD: Coming Soon | PDF/POD: Coming Soon]


Ultimate Bundle (EGS) [PDF: $14.00]


Everyone who has ever played a fantasy tabletop RPG has heard of the holy warriors known as paladins. Paladins are holy knights that wade into battle armed with sword, shield, and faith. They obediently go wherever they are needed to protect the faith and serve the faithful. They have great martial prowess and potent faith-based powers. In many games, paladins also observe a strict chivalric code while maintaining vows of poverty and chastity.

However, paladins aren’t simply the stuff of legends. In actuality, paladins were very real. Following the First Crusade, knights banded together to serve the needs of the faith and the faithful. They lived the life of a monk while simultaneously following the path of a warrior. These warrior-monks formed a highbred of monastic life that was termed Military Orders. The most famous of these orders was the Knights Templar.

Ultimate Knights Templar Guide is a sourcebook for the Entropic Gaming System that delves into the world of the Knights Templar from a historical and in-game aspect. The Knights Templar were the ultimate paladins during the Crusades who fought tooth and nail to reclaim the Holy Land. Their Order was shrouded in conspiracy and all of this results in excellent role-playing opportunities.

Ultimate Knights Templar Guide includes:

  • A brief history of the Knights Templar.
  • Ranks of Templar knights.
  • A listing of grand masters.
  • Options for creating Templar characters.
  • Gear utilized by the Knights Templar.
  • Non-player Characters.
  • Templar adventures.
  • … and more!

Ultimate Knights Templar Guide is your source for building Templar knights like those from the Crusades, or building the foundations of an alternate history set in the backdrop of the Crusades and the struggles to reclaim the Holy Land.

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