Renowned Games Designer TS Luikart Joins Cubicle 7


Tabletop games publisher Cubicle 7 Entertainment continues to grow with the recruitment of industry veteran TS Luikart. As well as over 15 years of design experience and a fistful of awards, TS also brings the Cubicle 7 team all sorts of useful skills he’s picked up working in Silicon Valley.

TS has designed and written for many roleplaying lines including Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition, Dark Heresy, the Dragon Age Roleplaying Game, Eclipse Phase, Tenra Bansho Zero and, of course, The One Ring. He spent many years working in logistics and customer support, making him uniquely qualified to help Cubicle 7 develop its infrastructure to support its recent growth.

“TS is a great fit for Cubicle 7, and I’m very excited he’s joined the team,” said Dominic McDowall, Cubicle 7 CEO. “I’ve loved his work on so many games, it’s fantastic to add him to our creative line-up, and his broader skills really boost our capacity to further develop the company.”

Cubicle 7 Entertainment are the multi-award-winning, critically acclaimed UK-based creative team behind The Doctor Who Card Game, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, Hobbit Tales, The One Ring, The Lone Wolf Adventure Game, The Laundry RPG, World War Cthulhu and many many more.  You can learn more about them here:

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