Awaken – An Upcoming Kickstarter Project

Awaken as a mighty Vasall in a world torn by dreadful forces and treacherous intrigues.

New tabletop roleplaying game launching on Kickstarter on April 14th 2015.

BookSample0 (2)“The Games Collective” young RPG design team stationed on Mediterranean coast are turning to Kickstarter to seek funding for their new game, Awaken. Fans of dark fantasy games, creativity and story driven experiences, will feel at home in Awaken, a pen and paper RPG heavily influenced by Slavic and Mediterranean folklore.

The Kickstarter campaign will feature the core game at $55, and will be shipped worldwide.

The logistics and publishing of the Awaken is supported by Studio 2 Publishing, the sales, warehousing, and publishing partner of many game companies, including Pinnacle Entertainment, Exile Game Studio, Crafty Games, Engine Publishing, Hunters Books, Paradigm Concepts, and many more.

About the game:
Step into a land ravaged by war against a nightmarish adversary, governed by the loose Alliance of the Great Cities. The decimated remains of mankind struggle to rebuild their cities—led by the fabled Vasalli, leaders and paragons of society—while the noble lords indulge in intrigues and power plays.

But with the colossal guardians dying out, the re-emergence of the dreadful Vargans, and the incursions of the mysterious nations from the North, the citizens of the Alliance are slowly coming to understand that their struggles are just beginning.

– The System

  • Fast, Fluid, and Intuitive: We’ve designed Awaken to help new players become comfortable with the basics of roleplaying games, while allowing experienced RPG players a lot of freedom in how they approach tasks and problems. We only use common six-sided dice, making it easy for anyone to play Awaken.
  • Encourages Creativity: Creativity is an essential part of any RPG, so Awaken helps players approach the story in creative ways. By mixing and matching skills, players receive bonuses for creativity and imagination.
  • Picture Rule: Before rolling any dice pool, if a player actively describes the action in a vivid, creative, and picturesque way (hence the name), the Narrator can reward her with 1 to 3 bonus dice for her proactive participation. For particularly creative descriptions, the Narrator can even skip the roll and reward the player with an automatic success.
  • Unhampered Character Creation:Character creation is quick and simple, designed to give you the freedom to follow your vision and create characters without restrictions, choosing and mixing their skills, attributes, and Gifts—the special powers of the Vasalli.
  • Skill-based DevelopementThe character development is skill-based, depending on how you use their abilities; the players develop their skills by applying them and can see their alter egos growing through the game

Number of players: 3-5
Recommended ages: 16+
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